Dr. Ian Barron

Trinity College Dublin

Dr Ian Barron

Dr Ian Barron, has a PhD in Pharmacoepidemiology, Trinity College Dublin, MSc in Hospital Pharmacy (TCD) and a BSc (Pharmacy) . Dr Barron’s primary research interest is cancer pharmacoepidemiology, with a strong focus on studies examining associations between medication exposures and cancer outcomes.

His current research concentrates on the conduct of pharmacoepidemiologic analyses to provide validation or refutation of preclinical study results as part of the translational oncology research pathway. Much of this research is carried out using the linked NCRI-PCRS, cancer and prescribing database. Dr Barron has more than 7 years’ experience working with the PCRS prescribing database and has been involved with the NCRI-PCRS database linkage since its inception in 2006.