Professor Michael Kerin

National University of Ireland, Galway

Prof Liam

As Professor of Surgery in NUI Galway, Michael Kerin has developed a major cancer research group, primarily focusing on breast cancer. The group adopts a translational research approach as a result of its clinical affiliation with the Symptomatic Breast Service at University Hospital Galway and its network of breast cancer collaborators.

Professor Kerin is also Research Director of the National Breast Cancer Research Institute, which funds much of the cancer research in the Discipline of Surgery in NUI Galway, and Co-investigator on the SFI-funded Biomedical Diagnostics Institute ONC2 project. His research interests include miRNA biomarkers for breast cancer, and Professor Kerin’s group have published widely on microRNAs as well as developing patents and clinical trials in this area. Prof Kerin’s research group are supported by the Health Research Board funded Clinical Research Facility Galway (CRFG) (