Professor Walter Kolch

University College Dublin

Prof Walter Kolch

Prof. Walter Kolch is currently the director of Systems Biology Ireland ( This Science Foundation Ireland-funded Centre for Science, Engineering and technology (CSET) has developed an integrated mathematical modelling and experimental research programme focusing on the design of new therapeutic approaches to cancer, degenerative and inflammatory diseases based on a systems level, mechanistic understanding of cellular signal transduction networks.

Originally trained as a medical doctor, Professor Kolch has spent most of his career working in research with a focus on the analysis of kinase signalling networks. An acknowledged expert in the field of Raf and MAP kinase cascades, Professor Kolch has applied systems biology approaches to these studies and is recognised as a leader in this field of research. Research within SBI has significantly contributed to two successful large EU-FP7 multi-partner health proposals, namely ASSET and PRIMES, both of which are coordinated by SBI and have a funding allocation in the region of €12 million each.